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BUSH [O:GK] SEES THE LIGHT Gerald Katz (Presidential Encounter)

You have the power of new world order. Every 1,000 seconds (16 minutes) of game time, you may do one of the following: take 15 Lucre from the bank, return all your tokens from the warp to bases, take 4 cards from the deck, take a Flare from the unused Flare deck, re-establish a home planetary base, occupy any one empty moon, or pause the current challenge and take one.

History: The Bushes foresee greatness in the years to come. While they claim it is for all, their enemies are quick to point out the truth. Nevertheless, the Bushes refer to their children as proof of the riches anyone can receive.

Play at any time

Notes: The recommended experience level for this power is Novice. This is a Resource type power.

Wild1: When you have to give cards, tokens, and/or Lucre to another player, play this card. You no longer have to do so at no penalty to you.

Super1: At the 1,000 second mark you may instead gain a foreign base of your choice.

Pro: You get any or all your options when using your power.

Con: You choose which option the Bush player gets.

CARTER [M:GK] Players Overextend Gerald Katz (Presidential Encounter)

You have the power of over-confidence. As main player or ally, all other players involved in the challenge must commit 4 tokens in the challenge. Players who committed less tokens before you must put more tokens onto the cone. A defender with less than four tokens moves tokens to the attacked base from his other bases. Main players must play a Kicker if they have one (you are not forced), and all players involved in the challenge, except you, must play all Reinforcements they have. This power only affects original Reinforcement and Kicker Cards.

History: The Carters profess to have great strength and demand great strength from all. As others over estimate their own abilities, when the carnage dies down the Carters shall deny their blame and be more than willing to build dwellings for their conquered subjects.

Restriction: Do Not Use In Games With Crystal Or Monolith

Wild1: As main player, Challenge Cards are not played. Challenge totals will be computed as if both you and your opponent played Attack 0's.

Super1: As main player, you may have your allies not be bound by your power.

Pro: Other players must commit 6 tokens.

Con: Carter's power is now voluntary. If the Carter player invokes it, he is bound by it as well.

CLINTON [O:GK] GAINS FROM DISTRACTIONS Gerald Katz (Presidential Encounter)

You have the power to wag the dog. During game play, if another player takes an interest in something that has nothing to do with the game, you take the top Flare from the unused Flare deck for your hand. If it is a �bad� Flare discard it and draw again. If the game is �put on hold� because of another player, to be resumed at a later time, gain a base anywhere. If players just want to end the game or the game ends up not being finished after being �put on hold�, you win the game, despite Schizoid. Eating snacks currently at the game table is considered part of the game. Stopping the game to ask a non-playing person a rules question does not get you a base.

History: The Clintons are a lying, conniving race who abuse their power for personal gain. With droopy eyes and pouted lips, their charismatic charms divert the attentions of their enemies. As others are concerned by �more important matters�, the Clintons enrich themselves and get away with it.

Play at any time

Notes: The recommended experience level for this power is Expert. This is a Rules type power.

Wild1: As a losing main player who had allies in the challenge, your tokens are not considered lost. You return them to bases.

Super1: Take three Flares instead of one from the unused Flare deck through your power.

Pro: If another player leaves the game table you may look through his hand and take one card, have him lose a base (tokens go to other of his bases), and take 1/3 of his Lucre.

Con: Instead of drawing a Flare, Clinton takes 3 cards from the deck through his power. Instead of gaining a base, he draws 2 Flares through his power.

FORD [O:GK:Lucre] BANKRUPTS PLAYERS Gerald Katz (Presidential Encounter)

You have the power of deadbeat. Instead of playing an Edict for its normal effect, you may cause a player to discard all of his Lucre.

History: The Fords care not for municipalities who are in dire economic turmoil. Those who call upon the Fords for assistance are blatantly and coldy told to "drop dead".

Restriction: Use Only In A Game With Lucre Do Not Use In Games With Midas

Notes: The recommended experience level for this power is Novice. This is a Resource type power.

Wild1: As soon as this card enters your hand discard your Lucre.

Super1: You get the Lucre the player discards.

Pro: After causing a player to discard his Lucre, keep the Edict. You can only then use the Edict as is.

Con: Ford cannot cause you to discard your Lucre through his power.

KENNEDY [O:GK] PLAYS SECRET CHALLENGE CARD Gerald Katz (Presidential Encounter)

You have the power of grassy knoll. As main player or ally, you may play an Attack Card face down in addition to the normal Challenge Card played by the main player on your side of the challenge when Challenge Cards are played. When Challenge Cards are revealed, you keep this Attack Card hidden. Challenge totals are calculated but you also determine challenge totals for the hidden Attack Card, separate from your side's Challenge Card. If this second challenge total would enable your side to win the challenge if the first challenge total results in a loss, you announce as such and win the challenge. You do not mention by how much you win the challenge. Opposing players may play cards to try to regain the win. You must be honest on who wins the challenge despite any restrictions of speech (no penalty) or legal cheat ability. The second Attack Card is subject to powers and cards for determining the challenge total and is discarded normally after the challenge is resolved.

History: Many battles are won and lost by the actions of a lone soldier. However, when the Kennedies are involved, theorists insist the lone gunman had help. The Kennedies deny any hidden assassins, but there's no questioning the power they accumulate.

Phase 7 - Play cards

Notes: The recommended experience level for this power is Expert. This is a Combat type power.

Wild1: Take a randomly chosen power from the unused powers but keep it hidden. At any time during the game you may reveal the power and use it. It is then discarded. This Flare can only be zapped as it is played.

Super1: When using your power you may play a Compromise Card. If your side loses the challenge collect consolation cards from the opposing main player. If zapped, receive nothing.

Pro: As main player, keep your original Challenge Card hidden if it is an Attack Card. Whether you played a second Attack Card or not, it follows your power.

Con: Kennedy may only use his power as an ally.

LYNDON [M:GK] PLAYERS' ACTIONS DO NOT MATTER Gerald Katz (Presidential Encounter)

You have the power of inconsequence. As an ally in a challenge, there are two challenge totals calculated. The first is the normal calculations for the challenge totals. The second calculation only counts tokens, Challenge Cards, and Kickers. Powers, Emotion Control, Moons, Reinforcements, and Flares are ignored. Your personal win or loss for the challenge only regards the second calculation. It is possible for you to win the challenge while others on your side lose and vice-versa. You are affected by powers, Edicts, and Flares that do not alter challenge totals.

History: The Lyndons look impressive, but they realize their own incompetence. As disinterested parties in the affairs of others, they pursue their own agenda despite all cries for the contrary from those they support.

Restriction: Do Not Use With Gambler

Phase 8 - Reveal cards

Notes: The recommended experience level for this power is Expert. This is a Combat type power.

Wild1: As main player, your opponent's allies' tokens do not count toward his challenge total.

Super1: You may use your power as a main player.

Pro: For the second challenge calculation, you may use game effects you control to affect the total that would normally not be effective.

Con: On the opposing side of Lyndon, only you and the Lyndon player may invoke game effects to affect the second challenge total calculation that would normally be ineffective.

OBAMA [M:rec.c] No One Else Can Win Without You Gerald Katz (Presidential Encounter)

You have the power of being loved. No other player can win the game unless you share the win.

History: Originating from an obscure part of the cosmos, once the Obamas arrived on the scene others could not help but love them. There are disagreements, naturally, but the Obamas lack of cosmic experience does not stop them from being able to achieve mastery.

Notes: The recommended experience level for this power is Novice. This is a Rules type power.

Wild: As an ally, if your side does not win the challenge, it is canceled. Played cards are discarded normally, tokens return to bases, and the offensive players turn ends.

Super: You may play this card when you dont have your power unless its because of lack of home bases or loss of power card. When another player(s) wins the game, if that player caused you not to have your power this challenge, you win the game alone.

Pro: No one else can gain a base unless you get one too. Players who gain a base must give you one or else return their tokens to their other bases.

Con: If Obama wins the game, you share the win.

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