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FRITTER [M:FB] Wins with No Encounter Cards Wyatt Jamison

You have the power to Squander. When you have no encounter cards, instead of getting a new hand of cards during your start turn phase or the planning phase as the defense, USE this power to automatically win the encounter. If you have no cards at all, you win during the start of the planning phase. If you have any remaining non-encounter cards, play one of them face down as-if it is an encounter card, then win after cards are selected but before they are revealed by showing that you have no encounter cards (including the one that was \"played\"). In this second case, any encounter cards played by the other player are discarded along with your remaining cards. Then draw a fresh hand of eight cards.

If this power is zapped and the zap cannot be prevented by any of your cards (including the one that was \"played\") or is not prevented by some other means, discard your remaining cards and draw a fresh hand of eight. Any encounter cards just played by the opponent are returned to them without being reveled, then proceed with the encounter as normal from the beginning of the planning phase.

Additionally, in lieu of normal defender rewards, you MAY USE this power to discard exactly one card from your hand (despite the number of ships committed).

History: Squandering their resources to produce cheap commercial goods to flood upon the cosmic marketplace has become a way of life for the whimsical Fritters. After much practice, they have found it possible to win over even the most hostile life forms with a concentrated barrage of assorted, shiny, well-packaged merchandise and targeted advertising.

Notes: The recommended experience level for this power is Novice. This is a Rules type power.

Wild: When another player discards the remaining cards in their hand because they are out of encounter cards and need to draw a fresh hand, take any such discarded cards into your hand.

Super: If you need to draw a new hand, only draw five cards instead of eight. Also, you may choose to draw any such cards from the defender rewards deck.

GALACTOID [O:FB] Calls Bystanders to Ally Wyatt Jamison

You have the power to Party. As part of your regroup phase, you MAY USE this power-- each colony you have may bring to its planet any one ship of your choice from any other colony in the same system (unless prevented by some other effect or power). These ships act as bystander colonies if they are from a different player.

If you are the defense, bystander ships may not be used in this attack. Instead, you MAY USE this power to make all bystander ships act as defensive allies. These bystander allies do not receive defensive rewards. Bystanders defend even when the attacker and bystander are the same player. If the defense loses, any bystander allies go to the warp.

History: Awesome, badical, space party dudes fresh from the mothership, and quite possibly the funkiest assortment of creatures in the galaxy-- Beings from surrounding worlds can hardly resist an invitation to get groovy with the Galactoids. However, once they arrive, it seems that no one ever wants the party to end.

Notes: The recommended experience level for this power is Advanced. This is a Combat type power.

Wild: At the start of your turn, move all foreign ships in your home system to any single planet that you occupy in that system. Then discard this flare. Doing this counts as a successful encounter.

Super: You may bring a ship from any planet to be a bystander on any planets you occupy. It does not need to be from the same system.

HODGE [O:FB] Present Random Planet Wyatt Jamison

Game Setup: Get a six-sided die for later. Assign each of your planets a unique number, 1 through 5 (or 1 through 4 in the four-planet variant). Place one token in front of your system to represent the time-rift. Place at least one starting ship on each planet, distribute the rest as desired--not necessarily four ships per planet.

You have the power of Paradox. Any time you are acting as the defense in an encounter in your system, use this power to force the offense to point the cone at the time-rift (token), then they must roll a six-sided die after encounter cards are revealed to determine which planet the encounter is with. If the number rolled does not correspond to an existing planet, you still defend with cards and allies only. In this case-- victory for the offense counts as a successful encounter, but all offensive ships return to their existing colonies outside your system; victory for the defense sends all offensive ships to the warp as usual.

Any time each ship, including your own, attempts to otherwise regroup or redistribute to any colony in your system, use this power to force that player to roll a six-sided die to determine the planet they attempt to access. If another player does not roll a planet where they already have a foreign colony, they must instead land the ship outside your system or go to the warp. If you roll an existing planet where you have no colony, land there for free. If you roll a non-existing planet, you may chose to land on any existing colony.

History: After destroying their only habitable planet long ago in a large, haphazard experiment, the survivors found it to be engulfed by a perpetual time-rift that is stable only at one end. Now the only home they can return to exists in a past epoch, though they can never know when until they arrive. They fight to avoid erasing their own existence for all time.

Notes: The recommended experience level for this power is Expert. This is a Rules type power. If any planets are added to your system, such as the Genesis Planet, immediately assign that planet any unique number from 1 to 6 that is available if possible. If all of these numbers are taken by existing planets, the new planet can only be encountered or landed on by zapping the Hodge power.

Wild: Play after any regroup phase. When played, write down the number of ships from each player and each planet-exclusive game-effect present on any one planet of your choice, then place this card under that planet. Remove and discard this card at any Start Turn phase thereafter to automatically restore the planet, ships, and planet-exclusive game-effects to the state they were in when this card was placed. Ships may be restored from other colonies, the warp, or even those removed from the game, etc., your choice. Other ships and planet-exclusive game-effects on the planet go to the warp or are canceled. The planet is restored even if it was moved or destroyed since.

Super: Whenever your power would call for a die-roll, pick any possible result you want from 1 through 5 (or 1 through 4 in the four-planet variant) instead.

PODGE [M:FB] Ships of Varied Strength Wyatt Jamison

Game Setup: Get a six-sided die for later. Get 20 tokens (16 for four-Planet variant). Place these tokens under your ships, up to a maximum of three per ship, as desired. Some ships may have no tokens under them. Place at least one starting ship on each planet, distribute the rest as desired--not necessarily four ships per planet. Always avoid stacking ships with tokens under them.

You have the power of Diversity. Only tokens under your ships involved in an encounter are added to any attack card played, the ships themselves add nothing. The opponent ships and allied ships are added as normal. Any time your ships go to the warp or are part of an unsuccessful encounter, remove all tokens from under those ships.

Whenever any of your ships are removed from the warp, use this power to roll the die, then take between zero and five tokens corresponding to the roll minus one. Immediately stack these tokens under the removed ships as desired. Only one such roll may be made per encounter. If this power is zapped, no tokens are added to any ships removed from the warp. If this alien power is lost, all tokens are removed from under all ships, and the ships count as one-each in encounters as per normal rules. If this power is restored after being lost, roll the die for each free ship not in the warp and add the corresponding tokens between zero and five under each of these ships.

History: Having mastered and abused the ability to manipulate their own genome for ages with ease, the Podge are now widely regarded as a nightmarish cadre of bioengineered freaks that scarcely resemble their weak natural form. With specimens well-adapted to every biosphere in their own system, many are now drawn to seed more distant worlds.

Notes: The recommended experience level for this power is Novice. This is a Combat type power.

Wild: As a main player in an encounter involving at least one of your ships, after encounter cards are chosen but before they are revealed, roll a six-sided die and add the result to one attack card, if any, played by you.

Super: Any time you would roll the die, just take five tokens as if you had rolled a six instead. This flare does not work for rolling when the Podge power is regained.

PRIMEVAL [O:FB] Wins By Regaining Power Wyatt Jamison (Alternate Win)

Game Setup: Place all primeval ships in the warp. All your home planets are vacant.

You have the power to Preside. At your start turn phase, use this power to win the game. You may also win via the normal method.

History: Banished eons ago to the cosmic warp by powerful forces unknown, the ancient Primevals have bided their time, waiting for open conflict and confusion to break out and provide cover for their reemergence. Those who have studied the advanced ruins on their long-dead worlds warn that were they ever to regain the seat of their power, little could stop their renewed dominance.

Notes: The recommended experience level for this power is Novice. This is a Rules type power. To Clarify: This alien starts the game without their power (all ships are in the warp). If they can regain their power by recapturing at least three home planets and keep it until their next Start Turn Phase, they win unless the power gets zapped.

Wild: If you have your alien power: use this flare to instantly mature one of your tech cards, regardless of how many researching ships are on it. Timing rules on the tech card must still be obeyed. If the tech has "x" for the number of ships required, treat the card as if it had ten ships on it. Then give this card to the next player who does not currently have their alien power, if any; otherwise discard this card. If you do not have your alien power: During the Destiny phase as the offense, if you do not like the orders you receive, discard them and draw a second time. You must go with the second orders. Also, during the Launch phase, you may commit up to five of your ships from any source, including the warp.

Super: You may use your power to win during any Start Turn phase, not just your own.

SATELLITE [O:FB] Uses Defensive Planets Wyatt Jamison

Game Setup: Turn over two of your planets to the non-colored side (or one planet for the four-planet variant). These are considered \"satellite-worlds\". Put four ships on each satellite-world and four ships on each of the three remaining planets.

You have the power of Satellite Defenses. When acting as the defense, an opponent must encounter an occupied satellite-world unless they are both vacant. If a satellite-world loses to an attack, all ships on it go to the warp, but all offensive ships that would normally land return to their other colonies instead. The satellite-world is then placed under one of your planets until it can be reoccupied. This counts as a successful encounter for the offense. Occupied satellite-worlds are never considered colonies and no one other than the Satellite may land on them.

When you get your own orders or wild orders, you may use your power to reoccupy an abandoned satellite-world or reinforce one up to a maximum of four ships. You cannot do so at any other time or without using your alien power. This counts as a successful encounter. Ships may still be taken from satellite-worlds as if they were normal planets.

History: Born into a star system whose tiny planets were few and far-between, the Satellites built huge defensive space stations to suit their overflowing population. Now that cosmic travel has allowed them to reach other worlds, many look forward to walking through natural gardens as more than just a rare vacation.

Notes: The recommended experience level for this power is Advanced. This is a Rules type power. They still lose their alien power if they have fewer than three home colonies-- that is, if they lose any actual home planet. These rules even apply when the Satellite are defending in a foreign system (the cone moves accordingly before the end of the planning phase). Also, the power to have occupied satellite-worlds defend cannot be zapped.

Wild: As the defense during the launch phase, you determine which planet in your system is being encountered. This may include one where the offensive main player already has a colony.

Super: You may also use your power to put a ship from the warp into a satellite-world, abandoned or not, instead of a planet or the cone during the regroup phase of your turn. The maximum of four ships per satellite world still applies.

SURVEYOR [O:FB] Gives/Takes Planets Wyatt Jamison

You have the power to Redefine Territory. After receiving your orders, instead of having an encounter with that player, you may use this power to place any one planet from your system into their system, or take a planet from their system and put it into your system. You choose which planet. This only counts as a successful encounter if it causes you to gain a foreign colony. All ships and special game effects exclusive to the planet go with it.

You also MAY USE this power to move up to two planets as part of a negotiation, even when you are not one of the main players, as long as you and all main players agree which planet(s) to give or exchange and it only involves planets in their systems.

If you lose your alien power due to too few home colonies, all currently-colonizable planets immediately return to their original owners. You may never use your power in a way that would cause this to happen. Planets do not automatically return if your alien power is restored.

History: A prestigious and usually-peaceful confederation of alien races purportedly wishing a fair balance of territory among all sentient beings, some have begun to suspect that the Surveyors actually seek to dominate the cosmos by redefining the cosmic boundaries in their favor.

Notes: The recommended experience level for this power is Advanced. This is a Planet type power.

Wild: During your Destiny phase, use this flare to exchange all of your tech cards that are currently in progress with those of the player being encountered. If you have no tech card, you simply take theirs. Researching ships go back to their colonies. Players may then place up to as many ships on the exchanged tech as the other player originally had from their available ships. Then discard this flare.

Super: When you take a planet from a foreign system and put it into yours, remove all foreign ships on it and send them to the warp, then place up to an equal number of your ships from the warp onto the planet.

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