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DANCER [O:FB] Opponent Must Match Card Types Warren Denning

You have to power to dance. After allies are chosen but before the Planning phase you may declare a dance by stating, “Dance with me!”. You place 3 cards from your hand face down in front of you, then turn the first card face up. You opponent must then play a card face-up from their hand. If your opponent’s card matches the type of card you played repeat the process with your second and third card. You opponent must play a card from their hand for each card you reveal. If your opponent is unable to match all three card types in the order you played them then you immediately win the encounter, otherwise you lose the encounter. Either way discard all cards used in the dance.

History: An avian species whose elaborate mating displays soon consumed all aspects of their society. Upon hearing radio signals from the Siren home system, they become aware that a greater stage awaited them in the universe. Now they seek a hoedown with all other beings in an effort to find the perfect two-step, but given the number of organisms with two left feet or no feet at all it remains to be seen if the universe can keep time.

Notes: The recommended experience level for this power is Novice. This is a Combat type power.

Wild: You may declare a dance during your Destiny phase after the Destiny card is drawn as per the rules on The Dancer. This counts as an encounter.

Super: You may extend the dance to include greater than three cards, but must play them face-down all at once when you declare a dance.

NECESSITY [O:FB] Gains Tech When Losing Warren Denning (Tech)

You have the power to invent. Place the Technology deck near you at the beginning of the game. When you lose an encounter as the Main Player or ally, draw the top card from the top of the Technology deck during the Resolution phase and place it on your power sheet. If the number of your ships in the Warp is equal to or greater than the Research Number on the card, you may use the Technology card. Every time you draw a new Technology card it replaces the last Technology card you drew.

History: Noted for an emphasis on conformity and utilitarian existence focused only on the necessities of life, this primary female eusocial society comes alive during crisis periods. Invaders and raiders have been stunned by counter-attacks by Necessity hives using previously unseen inventions seemingly born out of thin air. Now with the home system once again secure, the most powerful of the hives have struck out into the universe fueled by new ideas and novel interstellar propellants born from the previous dark times the race hopes to avoid.

Notes: The recommended experience level for this power is Advanced. This is a Rules type power.

Wild: Draw from the top of the Encounter deck and keep the first artifact card you find. Discard the rest of the cards. If you run out of cards before finding an artifact, shuffle the discard pile and keep drawing.

Super: When you lose an encounter, play this card to search the Technology deck and put into play one card of your choosing.

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