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DIPLOMAT [O:rec.c:2] CAN NEGOTIATE 3-WAY DEALS Rob Burns / Patrick Riley (Revision)

You have the power to negotiate. Whenever one, but not two, Compromise Cards is played in a challenge and you are not one of the two main players, you can call out "negotiate". The revealed cards are discarded, and the two main players and you have 2 minutes to reach a 3-way deal. The normal rules apply for making a deal, including that no player can gain more than one base and that you each lose three tokens to the Warp if you fail.

History: A foreboding presence held in awe by other planetary life forms, the Diplomats strike only when their webs are fully spun. Then, for extricating those caught by their own rash acts, the Diplomats negotiate their terms.

Restriction: Do not use in a two-player game.

Notes: The recommended experience level for this power is Novice. This is a Rules type power.

Wild: Once per challenge you may confront any player who has offended you (in your opinion). You both must deal (see rules) or lose 3 tokens to the Warp. Play then continues.

Super: As a main player, after alliances, instead of playing cards you may call a vote. You may buy votes with deals (see rules) which you keep only if you win. Continue as if the vote winner won the challenge (defense wins ties).

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