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BISHOP [M:rec.c:L] Converts opponent's tokens and takes opponent's Lucre Rob Burns (Lucre)

You have the power of tithe. When you win a challenge as a main player, you may take one of your ships from the Warp for every ship your opponent lost in the challenge. These converted ships may be placed on any of your bases, including the planet you just won the challenge for. If you have no ships in the Warp, you cannot convert.

Also, when you win a challenge as offensive player and the defensive player loses a home base as a result, you receive one-half of that player's Lucre (round up).

History: The Bishops are actually an offshoot of the Mesmers; the original Bishops were a small spiritual sect of Mesmer society who were opposed to their society's methods of mass hypnosis. Convinced that such "mesmerizing" was immoral mind manipulation, the Bishops left as pilgrims for a remote system. Once there, their religion developed and took new forms. Now in its rapid growth stage, the Bishops seek to win alien souls (and plunder) for their deity.

Notes: The recommended experience level for this power is Advanced. This is a Resource type power.

Wild: You may exchange all of one of your opponent's ships on a planet where you also have a base for the same number of yours from the Warp. Discard after use.

Super: You may exchange all of one of your opponent's ships on any one planet in your home system for the same number of yours from the Warp. You may do this even on a planet where you have no base. Discard after use.

CHUMP [O:BGG] Takes Lowest Discarded Attack Rob Burns

You have the power of junk. As any player, after encounter cards are discarded at the end of an encounter, you may use this power to retrieve the lowest discarded Attack card from the discard pile and add it to your hand. If only one Attack card was played in an Encounter, you may retrieve that card.

History: The Chump can never resist picking up second-hand stuff. While their penchant for anything shiny means that they usually get more trash than treasure, sometimes their finds surprise the Cosmos.

Notes: The recommended experience level for this power is Novice. This is a Resource type power.

Wild: When for any reason a Flare is discarded, you may instead retrieve the discarded Flare and add it to your hand.

Super: You may retrieve any discarded Reinforcements and add them to your hand, any time they are discarded.

DIPLOMAT [O:BGG] Can Negotiate 3-Way Deals Rob Burns (Revision)

You have the power to negotiate. Whenever an Attack Card is played in an Encounter and you are not one of the main players, you may play a Negotiate card and call out "negotiate". The revealed cards are discarded, and the two main players and you have 2 minutes to reach a 3-way deal. No player may gain more than is allowed in the rules under "Making a Deal", that is one base and cards from other dealing players. If one of you refuses, you each lose 3 tokens to the Warp. You may use your ability after all other resolution actions have been taken, including Zapped Human or Loser's upset.

History: A foreboding presence held in awe by other planetary life forms, the Diplomats strike only when their webs are fully spun. Then, for extricating those caught by their own rash acts, the Diplomats negotiate their terms.

Notes: The recommended experience level for this power is Advanced. This is a Rules type power.

FORCE [O:rec.c:2] HELPS OTHERS Rob Burns (Revision)

You have the power to be with. When you are not a main player, other players may call upon you for help in a challenge. The other player may not specify the help he is hoping for. You may choose to aid one player per challenge. If you choose to aid him, take the deck and remove any combination of two Edicts or Kickers (i.e. two Edicts, two Kickers, or one of each). Shuffle the deck after choosing. Pass both cards to the player. He may use one, or neither, of the cards you have offered him, but not both. At the end of the challenge, after cards have been discarded, the aided player gives the unused card, or if he used neither, one of the two cards, back to you. You may keep this card. You may not aid a player unless called upon and no communication or haggling is allowed about your choice of aid.

History: Viewed by most races as a mystical entity, the Force is in fact a non-corporeal race of money-grubbers who value currency over enlightenment.

Restriction: Do not use in a two player game.

Notes: The recommended experience level for this power is Expert. This is a Resource type power.

Wild: You may "be with" another player (except the Filth) who has just gained a planet base, by placing one of your tokens on that base along with that player. Use once and discard.

Super: You may aid a player whether or not you are called upon, and after selecting the two cards from the deck, pass him the card you choose and keep the other.

HURTZ [O:rec.c] Leases Game Resources Rob Burns (Revision)

You have the power to lease. At the beginning of the game, deal three unused Powers, two unused Flares, and five cards from the deck face up in front of you. This forms your "lot" of items to be leased to other players. Another player can request to lease an item from this array at any time. You can refuse to lease it, or you can set a price of one or more Lucre. If the player agrees, he gets the use of the item during this Encounter, after which it is discarded whether he uses it or not. When you lease an item, draw another from appropriate pile to replace it. At the beginning of your turn, you may discard your entire "lot" and replace it as at the start of the game.

Once per challenge when you are a main player, you may take the top 3 cards from the challenge deck and look at them. You may purchase any or all of them for 1 Lucre each. Any cards you do not purchase will be sent to the discard pile, or you can send them to your "lot". Any cards sent to the lot displaces the same number of cards there already, which in turn go to the discard pile. You choose which cards from the lot are displaced.

History: As galactic conditions became more perilous, the Hurtz saw the need for a stable supplier of arms to all. Their slogan is: "We'll rent anything that's still face down."

JJENGA [O:rec.c] Stacks ships in the Warp Rob Burns

You have the power to stack. Each turn you are a main player, after the Orders disc is flipped, you may stack all or some of the ships currently in the Warp into one 'tower' of ships. If only doing some, decide beforehand how many you will stack. After stacking, the 'tower' must stand on its own for at least four seconds. Then you may collect one card from the deck for every four ships in the tower.

History: The Jjenga are a strange, dark nitrate-based race that build intricate structures with the wreckage of the Warp. They are hoping to build a tower that will pierce the Warp itself and reach to nirvana.

Notes: The recommended experience level for this power is Advanced. This is a Resource type power.

Wild: Stack all current ships in the Warp into one tower. If Jjenga is in the game, you must use the tower he built. Each time you may draw ships from the Warp, you may draw as many of your own as you wish, provided you do not topple the tower. You may use both hands to do this, but no other assistance is allowed. If the tower topples, you then re-stack it.

Super: You may force players to remove ships from your tower anytime when they draw ships from the Warp. If any player topples the tower, they lose to the Warp as many ships as they had in the toppled tower. You then re-stack the tower as you please, as many ships in the tower as you choose, and collecting rewards for a standing tower, as per your power.

PIRATE [O:rec.c:L] Raids Others' Lucre Rob Burns (Revision)

You have the power to raid. During any challenge in which you are involved as a main player or an ally, after allies have committed, you may declare the challenge to be a "raid" of the opposing main player's Lucre. After a "raid" has been declared, it cannot be rescinded, nor can the opposing main player spend the challenged Lucre. The challenge then proceeds as normal, except that the opposing main player's Lucre is doubled in value in figuring challenge totals. If you lose your power during the challenge, the "raid" is canceled and the opposing main player's Lucre is no longer at stake, but his Lucre still counts as double toward challenge totals. After tokens land (or not), if the Pirate's side wins, they get all of the opposing main player's Lucre + 5 extra Lucre from the box. The Pirate's side then has one minute to allocate this "booty"; if an agreement cannot be reached, the booty goes to the box. If both main players play Compromise cards, the raid is canceled and proceed with a normal deal situation.

History: Whispering rapacious orders into their ears, a small flock of rogue traders lead their minions into the far reaches of interstellar space.

Notes: The recommended experience level for this power is Advanced. This is a Resource type power.

SPACEBALLS [O:rec.c] Has Interfering Tokens Rob Burns

You have the power to suck. At the beginning of the game, take an unused Moon and set it by your system. This is not treated as a Moon, just a means to designate special tokens as to be explained. This is Spaceball 1, a.k.a. Mega-Maid. On your turn, before you flip the destiny pile, you may place two tokens on Spaceball 1 (if there are none there already) and then place Spaceball 1 in the system of any other player. As long as Spaceball 1 is in their system, their home base count (for the purpose of seeing whether they can use their power or collect Lucre, if applicable) is reduced by 1. When the "sucked" player flips the destiny pile on his turn, if it is his color or the color of the Spaceballs player, he may challenge Spaceball 1 instead of a planet in the corresponding system. If the "sucked" player wins the challenge, Spaceball 1 goes back to the Spaceballs player, and the two tokens in it go into the Warp. Spaceball 1 may only move when two ships of the Spaceballs player are in it. In addition, when the Spaceballs player makes a challenge in the "sucked" player's system, he may add the two tokens in Spaceball 1 to his total. However, if he wins, they do not land on the planet, and if he loses, they are not lost to the Warp. If you lose your power, you cannot move Spaceball 1 or add the tokens, but you may remove tokens from Spaceball 1 normally.

History: The Spaceballs, notorious for their extravagant consumption, appallingly careless destruction of the environment, and wicked cunning, have run out of fresh air on their home planets. Now they seek to cripple their Cosmic opponents by taking the very air they breathe for their own purposes. They believe that Cosmic domination is inevitable -- after all, evil will always beat good because, according to their creed, good is dumb.

Notes: The recommended experience level for this power is Advanced. This is a Rules type power.

Wild1: You may "raspberry jam" one of your opponents. Pick a player. That player must now place any Flare he has face-down and cannot use it while you hold this Flare. He may not acquire any other Flares by any means, they are discarded, unless he is eligible to draw a new hand (the "jammed" flare is discarded) or you lose this Flare (the "jammed" flare returns to his hand). You do not discard this Flare for playing it, but it is discarded if the jammed player gets a new hand.

Super1: You may put tokens in and/or move Spaceball 1 before any player flips the destiny pile on his turn.

Pro: You may place up to 5 tokens onto Spaceball 1. When this card is no longer in effect, return up to 3 tokens from Spaceball 1 to bases.

Con: If Spaceball 1 is in your system, Spaceballs player must move it to another system. Otherwise, Spaceballs player cannot move Spaceball 1 into your system.

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