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BAG LADY [M:rec.c] LIVES OFF SCUM Jason Kendall

You have the power to scavenge. When you must draw a new hand, every other player in the game must give you their lowest attack card. If they do not have an attack card lower than 12, then they must give you their entire hand. You may then complete your hand up to seven cards, if you did not receive at least seven cards by scavenging.

History: Living by their wits, the Bag Ladies finally achieved a higher standard of living when they realized that the Galactic Welfare system was easily manipulated. With the careful advice of their tax attorneys, they found out that the poverty line could be raised to the income level of a quinzillionaire.

Notes: The recommended experience level for this power is Novice. This is a Resource type power.

Wild: Once per challenge, all other players must show a card to you. You may take any one card that you see.

Super: You may instead receive all other player's highest attack cards when you must draw a new hand. If a player does not have a card above 12, then they must give you their entire hand, in this case.


You have the power to be a pal. At the start of the game, you choose another player to be your Buddy. You must ally with this player every time he/she is a main player, even if not wanted. If you would lose the game or a base by allying with the Buddy, you do not have to ally. Your Buddy may never attack you as a main player or as an ally, or cause you to lose tokens to the Warp using Flares, Edicts, or alien powers.

History: Starting off as used spaceship salesmen, the Buddies found their talents for selling made them trusted in the greater Cosmos. They now hope to ride the coattails of "friendship" all the way to become CEO's of the Firmament.

Notes: The recommended experience level for this power is Advanced. This is a Rules type power.

Wild: You may, once per challenge, cause a game action which would cause you to lose tokens to the Warp to be nullified.

Super: You may declare a second Buddy, but are not obligated to ally with him. You lose this Buddy when you lose this card.


You have the power to even things out. At the start of your turn, you may require that all players pool all of their Lucre. Then each player shows an attack card. You show the last attack card. If you show an attack card which is higher than any shown, then you get all of the Lucre. You must then throw away your card, but the other players keep their cards. If you show a card which not the highest, then all cards shown are thrown away and all Lucre is divvied out evenly to all players, with any extra going to the Bank.

History: Blotted out of their Earthly home, the Communists took to the stars to liberate the Universe from the Oppressor!

Restriction: Use only in a game with Lucre.

Notes: The recommended experience level for this power is Novice. This is a Resource type power.

Wild: If you win a challenge, you take half of your opponent's Lucre.

Super: You need only show a card that is at least five points lower than the highest shown card in order to get all of the Lucre.


You have the power to stomp. If you win a challenge as the offensive player, you place your stardisc onto the planet with you. If there are any other tokens there, you pick two of them and throw them into the Warp. You then decide which way the Juggernaught will travel around the board to get back to its home system. On each successive challenge, the Juggernaught moves to the next planet in the direction you determined and places one token from that planet, of your choice, into the Warp. If you are the only occupant of a planet, then the Juggernaught will skip that planet and go to the next one. If the stardisc gets to the end of a star system, it goes on the next system in the given direction and continues around as before. When the stardisc gets back to your system, it goes to its normal position over your central star. When you make another successful attack, the Juggernaught is again released. If a Cosmic Zap is placed on the you, the Juggernaught stops in its course for one challenge and then continues onward. If you lose your power, the Juggernaught continues around the board until it gets back to the home system, but you may not send it back out.

History: This race of maniacal tinkerers has been sitting in the back rooms of seedy Intergalactic bars creating the Ultimate Killing Machine. Their efforts have been fruitless up until now....

Notes: The recommended experience level for this power is Advanced. This is a Rules type power.

Wild: You are immune to the Juggernaght. It will pass right over you as if you were the Juggernaght player.

Super: You may change the direction of the Juggernaght each challenge.


You have the power of untouchability. If any other player makes eye contact with you during the game, you may throw one of their tokens of your choice to the Warp. If for some reason, they would not go to the Warp if you put it there (Zombie power), or it is to their advantage to have more tokens in the Warp, then you may take the token out of the game until it becomes your turn. At this time, all such held tokens are released.

History: These untouchable creatures are hated and despised by all in the Universe. Why that is, there is no real explanation. It may have something to do with poor dental hygiene. The Lepers are now coming back to show the world that even the ugliest of all can be quite treacherous.

Notes: The recommended experience level for this power is Advanced. This is a Rules type power.

Wild: You are unclean like the Leper. You need not show this card until eye contact is made.

Super: Your uncleanliness now extends to being spoken about by any other player. If another player merely talks about you, you may punish them as if they had looked you in the eye.


You have the power to impregnate. If you manage to get a base in another player's star system, you cause a colony of that player's tokens to grow there. Every time that player's color is flipped, he must take two tokens from bases which you do not already co-occupy and place them on each impregnated base. He must do this even if he does not have a base already there. The colony tokens may not be used as tokens in an offensive challenge unless there are more than 6 on the base. The player may not however deplete the base to less than 6 tokens in this fashion.

History: These crafty little devils learned that the best way to defeat their enemies was to keep them down on the farm and throw really wild parties. They now plan to take the Universe over by giving it a quiver which will last a week.

Notes: The recommended experience level for this power is Advanced. This is a Rules type power.

Wild: May declare a "Surprise at the End of the Month" and place one token in any other player's system and cause them to grow 6 tokens there as the Sperm would do. Check for holes and discard after use.

Super: Each growth now causes three tokens to appear in the impregnated base. The maximum limit before the player may steal them away is now seven.


You have the power to keep aliens out. At the start of the game, you place all of your tokens out into the deep-space portion of your planet hex. These tokens are called your barrier tokens. When you are the defensive player, the offensive player attacks one of these Barrier Tokens. You proceed the challenge normally, adding all of the Barrier Tokens to the defensive total. If you lose, the offensive player takes his tokens back to other bases, chooses one card randomly from your hand, and you take one Barrier Token from the set and place it on one of your Home planets. When you are the offensive player, all attack tokens must be taken from your Barrier set. When you are required to lose tokens to the Warp via powers, edicts, flares, or anything else you can think of, you merely take the required number of tokens from the Barrier and place them in planets in your home system. The Barrier tokens do not add offensively. At the start of each of your challenges, you may take one token from a home base and put it into the Barrier. If your Barrier is ever depleted, you may never rebuild it, but you do get 8 points added to your defensive total.

History: The Xenophobes took after their Ablanian Brethren and closed their borders to all who may wish to tread heavily on their soil. They revere solitude and hate all other "nosy" races with such a passion, that they are willing to sacrifice getting Free-Trade agreements and Lucy reruns from the rest of the Universe.

Notes: The recommended experience level for this power is Advanced. This is a Rules type power.

Wild: All of your cards in this hand are changed to Plagues, except this card. You must play them immediately. You may not eliminate a player from the game using this Flare. All extras must be discarded along with this Flare after usage.

Super: You may replace your Barrier Tokens from anywhere you have bases once per challenge (EACH challenge, not just your own) You may also rebuild a depleted Barrier in this way.

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