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LAWYER [O:rec.c] Gets Lucre For Losing Tokens Eric J. Odenius (Lucre)

You have the power to sue. Whenever you lose tokens involuntarily, you may sue your opponent and receive Lucre. You get 1 Lucre per token lost to the warp, 2 per token lost to the control of another player (Fungus, Vampire), and 3 per token eradicated (Void, Cold Revenge Moon). In addition, should this loss also result in the loss of a planet, outer base, or moon, you can additionally sue for 2 Lucre per base or planet and 1 Lucre per moon. Your opponent must pay you immediately. If he cannot, you keep a running tally of the debt owed you. Whenever your indebted opponent receives Lucre for whatever reason, he must pay you at least 50% of it until he owes you nothing. This tally is considered an artifact. If the power gets switched with someone who was in debt, it is possible for him to "forgive" his own debt. You can include the debt as part of a deal. No one can win the game as long as they are in debt to you, but you cannot refuse repayment.

History: The Lawyers, having overrun their own planet with litigation, developed space travel in an effort to find other beings and sue them. Now that their neighboring star systems have all been garnished, they seek to sue the Cosmos for all its wealth.

Notes: The recommended experience level for this power is Advanced. This is a Resource type power.

Wild1: As the losing defensive player, you can sue your opponent by looking at all the cards he has and taking half (rounded down). You must take every card you are entitled to, and if your opponent demands it, you must reveal the cards you have taken to all the players. If you are also entitled to Consolation, take it after you have sued.

Super1: You may demand immediate payment from any one player who owes you a debt. If that player cannot pay it off at once, you are entitled to any Lucre he receives (not just 50%) until he owes you nothing.

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