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CIRCUMLOQACIOUS [O:BGG] Plays 20 Questions Dapperghast (Alternate Win)

Game Setup: At the start of the game, choose an alien from the unused alien sheet and place it face down under this alien, then place ten tokens on this sheet. You may look at it at any time, but other players may not look at it or the unused alien sheet.

You have the power to Filibuster. At the beginning of each other player\'s turn, use this power to have that player asks you a yes or no question about the face down alien, which you must answer truthfully. Then that player may name an alien. If s/he names the alien you placed face down, reveal it, choose a new alien, and place five tokens on this sheet. If not, remove a token from this sheet. If this sheet has no more tokens on it, you win the game. You may still win the game via the normal method.

History: Due to a strong will to survive combined with a level of physical prowess that leaves something to be desired, much like an unusually intelligent baby, the Circumloquacious quickly learned how to talk their way out of any situation, using the power of their words to literally talk until they have found a way to get themselves into a more favorable position. They have decided it should be an exceedingly, almost ridiculously simple matter to utilize this power to its maximum potential in order to achieve cosmic dominance, as while other races will be busy squabbling among themselves, the Circumloquacious will have taken advantage of aforementioned power to talk their way out of any situation to take over the cosmos by talking. Because, as we have established, that is their primary strength.

Notes: The recommended experience level for this power is Expert. This is a Meta type power.

Wild: As the defensive player, before encounter cards are selected, you may attempt to stall the game. If you can avoid playing an encounter card for at least 1 minute without your opponent calling you on it, use this flare to instead win the encounter. If your opponent calls you on it, that counts as a use of this flare.

Super: At the start of your turn, you may use this flare to switch the alien under your sheet. The new alien must either be in the same light color (Red, Green or Yellow) or from the same expansion. If there are fewer than five tokens on your sheet, put tokens on your sheet until there are five.

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