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ARIES [O:rec.c] Targetted Effects Affect Opponent Too BunnyThor (Astrology)

You have the power to rebound. When another player targets you with some game effect, that player is also affected. For example, if a Flare you play gets zapped, that player must also discard a Flare. If another player makes you lose tokens to the Warp, that player must lose an equal number. If you are Cosmic Zapped, the opponent does not lose the use of his power.

History: Seeking only to travel the stars freely, the Aries are abashed at the state of constant cosmic war and get easily upset at those who wish them harm. To teach them a lesson, they give back all harm they receive.

Notes: The recommended experience level for this power is Advanced. This is a Rules type power.

Wild1: You may pick up all Zap Edicts played this round, despite Vulch.

Super1: The targeted effect does not affect you. It still affects your opponent. A Flare Zap against this card does not rebound.

Pro: All other players suffer the targeted affect as well.

Con: When you target Aries with a game effect, Aries designates another player to suffer the effect as well, instead of you.

CANCER [B:rec.c:LM] Defends Moons With 0 Tokens BunnyThor (Astrology)

You have the power of moon bases. At game set-up, put 2 extra moons in your system. If you get this power during the game, no new moons are put in your system. You may maintain bases on moons with zero tokens. When you remove your last token from a moon base and no other player immediately occupies it, you may place 1 Lucre on the moon. The moon counts as if you are still occupying it. If another player attacks it, you are the defender with 0 tokens. If you lose such a challenge, your opponent gets the Lucre. You may remove Lucre from moon bases to abandon them in between challenges. You may land new tokens on a moon you have a Lucre counter on as if it was unoccupied.

History: While many aliens reap the resources gained from the small satellites orbiting planets, they quickly abandon them because they don't see them as the key to universal domination. The Cancers, on the other hand, are always mindful of the resources found. As necessity demands that even they must abandon them, they are loathed for anyone else to acquire such plentiful resources. A little extra goes a long way for the ultimate prize.

Restriction: Use Only In A Game With Lucre! Use Only In A Game With Moons!

Wild1: You may prevent the offensive player from attacking a moon. He must attack a planet in the defensive system. If he cannot, his turn ends.

Super1: Look at all the moons in one player's system.

Pro: Other players may not attack moon bases you occupy with tokens.

Con: Cancer must place 5 Lucre on a moon to defend it.

CAPRICORN [M:rec.c] Pays half of Lucre prices BunnyThor (Astrology)

You have the power of parsimony. Any time you pay a fixed price to a player (e.g., paying Assessor 2 Lucre to use the cone) you need only pay half, rounded down. Any time you pay a negotiated price to a player (e.g., renting a card from Hurtz) you pay the price agreed upon. Anytime you buy things not from a player, you pay only half, rounded up. Price reductions are per purchase, not per item. (E.g., buying 3 Flares in 3 different phases would cost 4 each. Buying a lot of 3 Flares in one purchase would cost 11 Lucre.) You are immune to Reparations and Expense War.


Restriction: Use only in a game with Lucre!

Wild1: Add in all of your bases, not just home system bases, when calculating your income.

Super1: You round down when buying things not from players this round.

Pro: You needn't involuntarily lose Lucre.

Con: Capricorn pays you full price.

GEMINI [B:rec.c] Chooses Between Two Powers BunnyThor (Astrology)

You have the power of two faces. At game set-up, draw two extra power cards. In between each challenge, you decide which power you are using for that challenge.

History: The Gemini are known to have a split personality. One moment they are your best friend, the next your worst enemy. While some Gemini may favor one personality over the other, they know the value of two minds being better than one.

Wild1: Draw a power from the unused powers. You have use of it for the rest of the challenge. At then end of the challenge, discard it or keep it to discard your original power instead.

Wild: Draw a power from the unused powers. You have use of it for the rest of the challenge. At then end of the challenge, discard it or keep it to discard your original power instead.

Super1: You may use both powers this challenge.

Super: You may use both powers this challenge.

Pro: Don't designate which power you are using. You can only use one of the powers, but you can decide which one at anytime during the challenge.

Con: Gemini must alternate powers each challenge.

LEO [M:rec.c:L] Gains Lucre For Being Acknowledged BunnyThor (Astrology)

You have the power of celebrity. When you are not a main player, each time you are invited to ally collect 2 Lucre from the bank, even if you don't ally. As main player, all players who ally with you with at least 3 tokens collect 2 Lucre from the bank. Regardless if you are a main player or not, if another player targets you to lose tokens to the warp (other than the normal loss of a challenge) or cards (other than through normal consolation), that player must pay you 1 Lucre per token or card lost. If he does not have enough Lucre, he must lose a number of tokens or cards at random respectively for each Lucre he cannot pay.

History: The Leos thrive on publicity. As long as people talk to them or about them, they know they are important enough have an affect on other people's lives. Cosmic domination simply means others have no choice but give them the adulation they crave.

Restriction: Use Only In A Game With Lucre

Notes: The recommended experience level for this power is Advanced. This is a Resource type power.

Wild1: When your color is actually flipped in the destiny pile, collect 5 Lucre.

Wild: Collect 1 Lucre from the bank each time your color is flipped in destiny.

Super1: Your Lucre rewards for yourself and allies are doubled.

Super: Take 1 Lucre from the bank for a player touching your game components or talking to you or about you, and 2 Lucre if a player says your name.

Pro: Take 1 Lucre from the bank each time another player physically touches your game components, 2 Lucre each time another player talks to you or about you, and 5 Lucre each time another player says your name, regardless whom he talks to.

Con: You do not pay Leo Lucre nor lose tokens or cards when you target him to lose tokens or cards.

LIBRA [O:rec.c] Evens Out Cone BunnyThor (Astrology)

You have the power of balance. As an ally, after all allies have been committed, you may balance the tokens on the cone (not including any tokens on the planet) by adding or subtracting your tokens to either side of the cone until both sides of the cone are even in token count. You may be on both sides at once, but you may not completely remove yourself from the side you originally allied on.

History: Seeking fairness in all things, the Libra believe that a fair battle constitutes the luck of the draw as opposed to who's the most popular. Claiming altruism for only risking themselves instead of others, they mold cosmic warfare to their own ends to ensure their place as the arbiter of all things and beings of the universe.

Wild1: As main player or ally, once all allies are committed, you may force all players who have tokens on the cone to have either 1, 3, or 5 tokens on it. Players add or remove tokens as appropriate. Tokens return to bases if necessary.

Super1: You may remove other players' tokens from the cone to balance it. Tokens return to bases.

Pro: You may remove your tokens entirely out of the challenge when balancing. You may include the defensive tokens on the planet in your balance determination. You need not utilize both when playing this card.

Con: Libra may not add tokens to his opposing side unless he was originally invited to ally by that side.

MACRON [M:rec.c] Tokens Are Worth Four BunnyThor (Revision)

You have the power of mass. Each of your tokens is worth four. You may only take up to two tokens into the Hyperspace Cone. For purposes of rewards and consolation, you still only receive one per token.

History: Beginning life on a gargantuan planet, the Macrons accustomed themselves to tremendous atmospheric and gravitational forces. Power comes so naturally to them, they scoff at the fragile intelligences they crush on their way to Universal dominance.

Notes: The recommended experience level for this power is Novice. This is a Rules type power.

SAGITTARIUS [B:rec.c] Not At Risk While Allying BunnyThor (Astrology)

You have the power of adventure. If you lose the challenge as an ally, your tokens are returned to bases instead of going to the warp. They are not subject to loss of control by other powers, cards, moons, etc. If you win the challenge as an ally and gain the base, you may alter the number of tokens to land on the planet. You may add tokens to bring your total up to 4 or return tokens to others bases down to 1. If you win the challenge as an ally and gain rewards, you may gain 1 1/2 times your normal rewards, rounded down.

History: The Sagittarius explore the universe for the sake of exploring. Reaping the rewards of knowledge gained, they see little of danger their allies talk about cosmic travel. They always come home safe and sound. Cosmic rule would mean everyone would be safe and sound.

Wild: You may ignore the effects of a reverse cone, despite Yin-Yang.

Super: As a winning ally who gained a base, you may also collect rewards.

Pro: You may ally with up to 7 tokens.

Con: Sagittarius may not ally with more than 2 tokens.

SCORPIO [B:rec.c] Gets Back At Other Players BunnyThor (Astrology)

You have the power of retribution. Whenever a Flare or Edict is played on you, either specifically or globally, you immediately take that card and put it in front of you face-up pile marked with that player's name. You collect Edicts before the Vulch. You may play cards from your piles immediately or eventually but only on the person who played them on you. Other players are allowed to comment on the cards in your piles and their uses. Your piles are an artifact. These Flares and Edicts are not subject to Flare Zap or Edict Zap. A Cosmic Zap prevents you from collecting Flares or Edicts or the effect of a played collected card. The card is discarded. If you lose the use of your power, you keep your collected Flares and Edicts but cannot play them until you get your power back. You may discard cards from these piles as part of a deal.

History: The Scorpio revere Honor as their most cherished philosophy. They do not take kindly to those who do them harm. They exact revenge upon their opponents with equal force as the harm done to them.

Wild1: The winning main player must discard Attack Cards until their total value equals or exceeds the Attack Card they played in the challange. If they cannot equal or exceed this value, the player must discard his entire hand.

Super1: If a player attempts to use a Flare or Edict to make you lose the use ofyour power, cancel that card. Add the canceled card to the appropriate pile.

Pro: You may use your power for other players. Other players make piles of Flares and Edicts as per your power, except no pile can be against you and you control the use of collected Flares and Edicts. Players can offer suggestions for when to use them.

Con: Cards Scorpio has against you are redistributed to among his other piles as he wishes to be played against those players.


You have the power to gab. You may reveal anything that you have knowledge of. This includes player's hands, face-down Challenge cards, player's intentions, moons, and artifacts of some powers (e.g, the Miser's hoard, the Schizoid's conditions, the Terrorist's bombs, etc.). If you are Cosmic Zapped, or otherwise lose your power, you may only comment as any other player could as per local house rules regarding "table talk".

History: The Spills believe Knowledge is Power, and to prove it, they're willing to share just enough power to let their enemies destroy each other, allowing them to rule the galaxy unopposed.

Notes: The recommended experience level for this power is Advanced. This is a Rules type power.

TAURUS [M:rec.c] Controls Own Cards BunnyThor (Astrology)

You have the power of refusal. No player may take cards from your hand or add cards to your hand without your permission. The effect that would do so is simply canceled. If the effect has other affects, they still happen. For example, Finder Edict still allows a player to look through your hand. If you are Plagued you still lose tokens. When a card loss or gain is random or unrevealed, you must either completely forbid it or completely accept it before the determination of which cards are affected. You need not take consolation nor ally rewards if you wish.

History: The stubborn Taurus hold fast onto their lot, slow to share and slow to expand. Only when they are confident of their resources or knowing their worthlessness do they open themselves up to the universe. These spurts of openness allows them high efficiency in their conquest of the universe.

Wild1: You may discard your hand.

Super1: You may determine which cards are lost or gained before deciding to accept or refuse.

Pro: By accepting cards into your hand, you may decide to give any or all of them to among other players.

Con: Taurus must give or take consolation as appropriate.

VIRGO [M:rec.c] Wins On Multiples Of 5 BunnyThor (Astrology)

You have the power of neatness. As main player in the challenge, if your final challenge total is a multiple of 5, you win the challenge.

History: The retentive Virgo are easily disturbed when things are out of place. When everything clicks together, they are at their prime. Cosmic domination would allow them to bring the universe into their sense of propriety.

Restriction: Do Not Use In Games With Insect or Traitor

Wild1: Choose one player to either fill his hand to 7 cards or discard his hand down to seven cards.

Super1: As offensive player, if you would win the challenge normally in addition to having a multiple of 5, gain an extra base in the losing player's system. Tokens may come from the cone and/or your other bases, not to exceed 4.

Pro: If you win the challenge as defensive player for having a multiple a 5, collect rewards.

Con: Virgo only wins the challenge for multiples of 10.

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