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LOSTLING [O:BGG] Wins By Losing Ships Brian Pickett (Alternate Win)

You have the power to Get Lost. At the start of any player\'s regroup phase, before the offense retrieves a ship from the warp, use this power to win the game if you have lost all of your ships. Lost ships include those in the warp, those removed from the game, and those captured by other players. Each time one or more of your ships are returned to you, you may use this power to remove half of them from the game (rounding up). Ships removed from the game in this way cannot be healed. Your power cannot be lost or stolen through any means, and you may still win the game via the normal manner.

History: The Lostling seem to derive pleasure from getting wiped out, but observers prone to looking beyond appearances begin to suspect that taking a backwards glance may just reveal what it is the Lostling don\'t want finding them...

Notes: The recommended experience level for this power is Novice. This is a Rules type power. This is a rethemed Masochist.

Wild: During any regroup phase, you may choose a player other than the offense. That player retrieves a ship from the warp instead of the offense. You may not use this flare if the offense's ships are all in the warp, captured, or removed from the game.

Super: During each of your regroup phases, you may choose one of your ships in the warp and remove it from the game.

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