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NADER [O:rec.c:L] Interferes When Not Involved Ashwin Pitil (Lucre)

You have the power of annoyance. When not a main player, during any challenge in which you are not allied with either side, you may add your number of tokens in the Warp to the challenge total of either side, thus altering the outcome of the challenge. Also, you may prevent the player with the most Lucre from making a second challenge after winning his first, including Machine. If two or more players have the same amount of Lucre, they all are considered to have the most. The number of Lucre you have is irrelevant.

History: Sacrificing their lives for the sake of rather controversial political views, the Naders know that they will not conquer the galaxy directly. Therefore, they have taken to undermining races that will soon rule. With each carefully placed maneuver, the Naders slowly waddle away their opponents until their green ways spread across the galaxy.

Restriction: Use Only In A Game With Lucre

Notes: The recommended experience level for this power is Novice. This is a Rules type power.

Wild1: When not involved in the challenge at all, you may play Reinforcement Cards for either side.

Super1: You may be an ally to add your tokens in the warp to the challenge total.

Pro: All other players are limited to one challenge per turn.

Con: If you have the most Lucre, Nader cannot prevent you from taking a second challenge. He uses his power on the player with the next most Lucre.

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