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CORROSIVE [O:BGG] Other Players Lose Cards Adrian Walker

You have the power to Rust. As a main player or ally, before encounter cards are selected, you may use this power to make the main player on the other side and any allies on their side discard a card at random from their hands. The encounter then proceeds as normal. If this would cause the main player to run out of encounter cards, they lose the encounter.


Notes: The recommended experience level for this power is Novice. This is a Card Loss type power.

Wild: After encounter cards are selected, but before they are revealed, use this flare to make your opponent reveal their card. If it is a Negotiate, discard this flare. If it is not, they discard that card, and play another one. If they cannot, they lose the encounter.

Super: You and your allies may choose a card to discard when your opponents discard a card. This choice may be made independently by each ally.

CULTIST [O:BGG] Wins by Sacrificing Ships Adrian Walker

You have the power to Sacrifice. As a main player or ally, after encounter cards are revealed, you may use this power. Place five of your ships from any of your colonies on this sheet. You win the encounter (overriding Human\'s power). Ships on this sheet are out of the game. You do not lose this power by having too few home colonies. You may not be reduced to fewer ships than the number of foreign colonies needed to win the game.


Notes: The recommended experience level for this power is Advanced. This is a Rules type power.

Wild: If you draw your own color from destiny, you may reveal this flare instead of having the encounter. Treat the result as if it had proceeded to resolution, with you winning the encounter.

Super: Discard this flare after another player reveals or discards a flare to reclaim any of your ships removed from your alien sheet, returning them to any of your home colonies

PAUPER [M:BGG] Accepts Charity Adrian Walker (Alternate Win)

You have the power to beg. Whenever you should draw a new hand (including when you are dealt your starting hand), do not draw from the deck as usual. Instead, the other players (after drawing their own hands, if appropriate) give you any cards from their hands one at a time in turn order until they have given you all the cards they wish to get rid of or you have a full hand of eight cards. Each then draws replacement cards from the deck equal to the number of cards they donated to you. If you receive fewer than the required number of cards, draw the remainder from the deck.

If you lose an encounter as a main player or ally, you use this power to force your opponent to give you a card. If they do not, choose a card from the discard pile, adding it to your hand, or draw from the deck if there is no discard pile.

At any point, if your hand consists of only negotiate cards, use this power to reveal your hand and win the game. You may still win by the normal method. Special negotiates, such as those from the reward deck, are considered negotiates for the purposes of this power.


Notes: The recommended experience level for this power is Advanced. This is a Resource type power.

Wild: As a main player, reveal this flare. Your opponent must give you a card from his or her hand. You may then add it to your hand, or discard it.

Super: At the start of your encounter, before revealing destiny, you may reveal this flare to discard a card from your hand (including this flare) and pick a Negotiate card from a discard pile.

WIZARD [M:BGG] Grants rewards for quests Adrian Walker

Game setup: Draw a hand of five essence cards. Assign all of your essence cards to the other players face up.

You have the power to Commission. You may use this power at any time to reassign these essence cards. Whenever the player who you have assigned the essence card to completes the task on the card, both you and the other player may place one or more ships on that card. This is treated as a foreign colony for both players.

History: Hanging out in taverns the universe over, the Wizards offer enticing quests with difficult objectives, but tantalizing rewards. Other races have sought their approval and council, but few live up to the challenge offered.

Notes: The recommended experience level for this power is Expert. This is a Essence type power. Essence cards
- Have at least 12 ships in the warp
- Win an encounter with all other players allied against you
- Take at least four ships from the warp as rewards at one time
- Lose an encounter after playing a higher attack card than your opponent
- Make a successful deal without initially playing a Negotiate card
- Discard at least 3 cards from your hand at once
- Encounter a race in your own system and win the encounter
- Play your races flare as a Wild Flare
- Win an encounter with the total values being equal
- Lose no more than 1 card to a Plague being played on you

Wild: If you agree to a deal that only consists of you giving cards and/or colonies to the other race, reveal this card to gain a foreign colony in the opponent's system. Then give this card to the Wizard (or discard it if the Wizard is not in play)

Super: When you meet the conditions on a quest card yourself, you may choose to complete it, with only you gaining the foreign colony for doing so.

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