Helping The Best Teams Come Together
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Redamedia can turn your group into a team that communicates more effectively and solves problems together. From new groups that don't know each other well to established organizations looking to try new perspectives, our team building events will energize your team.

Redamedia also conducts Team Diagnostics. We interview the members of your team, learning the pros and cons of your daily operations, and recommend ways to improve communication and teamwork.

Redamedia Team building Events involve:

-Helping your team adapt to individual differences
-Managing individual and group expectations
-Developing decision-making skills within a group
-Highlighting the advantages of the team approach
-Learning how other perspectives can add to problem solving
-Having fun

Redamedia Team building events range from a couple hours to a couple days, depending on your group's size and objectives.

Our trainers and coaches have worked with:

BAE Systems - CACI - Booz Allen Hamilton - AT&T - IBM - Deloitte - Sycamore - S3 Communications - America Online - Apple Computer - Intel Corporation - Creative Labs - 3Com - Symantec - Kaiser-Permanente - American Red Cross - Georgetown University
- Cisco Systems
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