Helping The Best Teams Come Together
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Redamedia specializes in making your team better. From team building events that foster communication, break down barriers, and manage expectations, to improving presentations and oral proposals, Redamedia has years of experience in making the best teams come together.

Team Building
Your group will improve their communication skills, find common ground between those individuals that don't know each other well, and create a positive group experience.

Orals Coaching
Your presentation will capture and illustrate your win themes, demonstrate that your presenters are a team, and highlight your company's strengths.

Redamedia can present highly engaging and hilarious entertainment for your event, from interactive and customized comedy to a full multi-media experience.

Our trainers and coaches have worked with:

CACI, Inc - Booz Allen Hamilton - AT&T - IBM - Deloitte - Sycamore - S3 Communications - America Online - BAE Systems - Xerox - Apple Computer - Intel Corporation - Creative Labs - 3Com - Symantec - Kaiser-Permanente - Georgetown University
- Cisco Systems
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