Internet Artifacts/Edicts

The Artifacts/Edicts listed are unofficial cards, made up by various players. Most originated from postings on the Internet and the CE newsgroup.

Abort Remove your tokens from the challenge. They return to bases. Play before cards are revealed.

Absorb: (Theurgy) Take a Theurgy card from any one player and place it in front of you. Play between challenges.

Aggressor Attack a player instead of a system. Point the cone to any base of the player whose color was revealed by the Destiny Pile. That player is the defensive player regardless of where you challenge. Play on your challenge after the Destiny Pile is flipped.

Anarchy Take all the tokens from two planets in your system and mix them together. Then repopulate the planets randomly useing the same tokens in the same ration. Play between challenges.

Back Zap Cause the player of a cosmic zap to be zapped as well.

Bad Zap (Bad) Zap ALL BAD powers in the game for the duration of the challenge. Play at any time.

Banishment Suggest the removal of one power (anybody's) from the game. All players vote on it. If yes, the power is discarded. Otherwise, play continues. Play at the beginning of your turn.

Bank Job (Lucre) Take half a player's Lucre (rounded up) and place in your own treasury. Play at any time.

Black Hole Play any time after an Artifact is played to cancel its effects. Black Market (Lucre) Trade in any or all of your cards for Lucre from the bank. One Lure for challenge cards, two Lucre for non-challenge cards. They are then discarded. Play at the end of your turn.

Black Plague Force a player to discard 2 of each type of card, 6 Lucre and 4 tokens.

CHOAM Boon (Dune) Collect 5 spice from every player. Play between challenges.

Civil War All players challenge each other on one planet that they share a base. No alliances. In case of a tie, all players involved lose. Play between challenges.

Coffee Time Play is suspended while the recipient of this card makes refreshments for all players. Usually limited to beverages, this may extend to making sandwiches, going out for munchies or whatever. The recipient is not obliged to pay for anyone else's stuff, except for reasonable supplies from the host. Play between turns.

Communion Any or all players may use the power(s) of any or all other players in a challenge. Players use their own powers first in conflicts.

Conscientious Objector One player's tokens do not count towards the total in a challenge. They still gain rewards. Play after cards are played.

Coup D' Etat Switch powers of any two players permanently. Play between challenges.

Double Cross Specify which winning allies in an encounter get nothing, and instead lose their ships to the warp. Dubious Gift (Bad) Force one player to draw a BAD power. Play at the start of your turn.

Exorcism (Bad) Remove forever one bad power of any player. Play at any time.

Family Atomics (Dune) Both main players lose their tokens to the Warp. Play before allies are invited.

Flare Saver You need not discard any one Flare that you play. You may keep it to play in another challenge, even if it was zapped.

Fold Space (Dreadnought)Move your dreadnought to any system by paying as if you had only moved one. Play as an offensive main player.

Freeze Moon (Moon Gloom Hex) Tokens may not be taken from moons to the cone.

Ghola (Dune) When another player removes tokens from the warp, you may remove an equal number of your own.

Gom Jabbar (Dune) Send one token from anywhere to the Warp. Play at any time.

Grid Lock Mobius Tubes or Warp break is nullified. Play after one of those cards are played.

Hunter Seeker (Dune) Send one of your opponents tokens to the Warp. Play as a main player before cards are revealed.

Insanity All players must use EVERYTHING they can during this challenge: all powers, edicts, flares, moons, etc. You are not required to zap your own action. Play at start of challenge.

Juxtapose Bring an equal number of tokens into a challenge. They count towards the win but are not at risk. These token must go to the newly established base or defending base if a main player.

Kwisatz Haderach (Dune) One token in a challenge is worth 15 (for calculating totals only).This token may not be enhanced. Play any time before cards are revealed.

Landsraad (Dune) Draw a random power from those not in use and add it to your own for one challenge.

Lasgun (Dune) Remove all allies from one side. Their tokens go to the Warp. Play before cards are revealed.

Looters (Lucre) The losing main player must pay you one lucre for each of your rogues in a challenge. Play after the challenge is resolved.

Lucre Zap (Lucre) You may stop a player from spending Lucre as soon as he attempts to spend some, unless he has no choice.

Lunar Tubes (moon) Free tokens of all players in the Warp to occupied moon bases. Any player without a moon must remain in the Warp. Play between challenges.

Mentat Dune) As an ally you may look at the opposing main player's challenge cards before any are played, and advise your ally without naming any specific cards.

Meteor Storm(Satellites and Space Stations) Destroy all satellites and space stations within any one system. Play at any time.

Misery Shared (Bad) We're all in this together Force all players to play with any bad powers you have for the duration of the challenge. Your bad power still applies to you. Play at the start of a challenge.

Missile Attack (Satellites and Space Stations) Destroy any one satellite or space station within your own system. Play at the start of your challenge.

Moon Back (Moon Gloom Hex) Move the Moon Doom stardisk up to four spaces back. Any moons and tokens the stardisk lands on are removed or sent to the Warp. Play at any time.

Moon Burst (Moon Gloom Hex) Move the Moon Doom stardisk up to four spaces forward. Any moons and tokens the stardisk lands on are removed or sent to the Warp. Play at any time.

Moon Gloom (Moons) Force any one player to remove all tokens he/she has on moons back to bases. This does not negate any effect of a moon that took place prior to playing this card. Play at any time.

Moon Reverse (Moon Gloom Hex) Moon Doom stardisk now moves in the opposite direction.

Moon Stop (Moon Gloom Hex) Prevent the Moon Doom stardisk from moving. Play at any time.

More Dubious Gift (Bad) Force all players except yourself to draw a bad power. Play between challenges.

Nebula No powers may be used this challenge. Play when the destiny pile is flipped.

Paradigm Shift (Alt Win) Draw a new alternate win condition. Every one must now conclude the game using these goals instead of any previous win condition. Play between challenges

Phoenix Regain all home bases. Play after losing a base in a home system.

Process Take the hands of all players and separate the cards into challenge cards and non challenge cards. Shuffle each stack and distribute to all players one stack at a time starting with yourself. Play between challenges.

Quantic Portal Saves Ships. Play in Resolution if your side lost the encounter. Prevents all your ships in the encounter from going to the warp, being captured or removed from the game. Saved ships return to any of your colonies. You lose any compensation that you might be entitled to.

Reality Check You may benefit from the effect of any Super Flare you hold instead of the Wild unless the Super Flare is power specific.

Red Giant Play after Encounter cards are revealed. The player of this card adds ten (+10) to either side’s total. Redeal All players discard their hands. Deck and discard pile are shuffled, except for this edict which is left out. Players are dealt new hands as if it were the start of the game. Note that this deal is not extortable. May only be played at the start of your turn.

Repeater Copy edict last played. Play after an edict is played. This edict behaves exactly like the last edict.

Rerun Make a challenge in the system you just challenged. Play after making a challenge.

Round Zap Cosmic Zap a power of the player to your right, then hand them this card. They must play it immediately. Once all players have played this card, it is discarded. An unzap only effects the last usage. Play at any time.

Ruling Zap (Prisoners) Nullify the effect of any Prisoner Ruling, just as a player attempts to play it. The Ruling must be discarded. Play at any time.

Sci-Tech Zap (Sci-Tech) Cancel the effect Tech card and force that player to discard it. Play when they attempt to use it.

Shai Hulud (Dune) If you win as the main player collect half the lucre (rounding up) of the losing player.

Sheild (Dune) Nullify any edict or wild flare played against you.

Shield Dome Prevents Reinforcements. Play after encounter cards are revealed to prevent all players from playing any or from playing further reinforcements during the current encounter.

Singularity Play Multiple Cards. Play after encounter cards revealed. You can play additional attack cards on your side as long as they are equal to any attack card(s) revealed by any player on your side of the encounter. The Morph can be used for this purpose.

Sling Shot (Dreadnought) Move your dreadnought to one adjacent system for free. You may then move it another system by paying if you wish. Play as an offensive main player.

SNL Scandal (Lucre) Take half a player's Lucre (rounded down) and place in your own treasury. Distribute the rest, one Lucre at a time, to all players, starting with the recipient of the card and moving clockwise. Play at any time.

Star Gate (Worm Holes) The offensive player is transported into the other dimension. Continue the challenge in the corresponding system. Play after the destiny card is flipped. Use only in a game with worm holes.

Still Suit (Dune) Retain one token when you must lose more than one to the Warp. You choose which token to keep. Play after you must lose tokens.

Stolen Sci-Tech (Sci-Tech) Take a Tech card from any one player and place it in front of you. Play between challenges.

Summit No tokens are lost as the result of the outcome of a challenge. Play after challenge is resolved.

Summon Moon (Moon Gloom Hex) Add a moon face down and unrevealed to your star system. Play at any time.

Super Nova Your system star explodes. All of your planets and moons are permanently destroyed. All tokens in your system go to the Warp. Play at the start of your turn when you have fewer than three bases.

Super Saver If a Flare gets discarded that is of your power, you may take it and put it in your hand.

Super Zap Remove a player from the game for one turn. This player may take no action and may not be involved in a challenge. This player's system cannot be attacked in any way. Re-flip the destiny pile if necessary.

Thumper (Dune) Cause the offensive player to reposition the cone. Play before cards are revealed.

Time Pressure Speed up a deal. Players have ten seconds to make a deal. Play when the deal begins.

Time Rift All players challenge the player to their left. No Destiny is flipped. All powers as possible are available. The Will may still attack anyone anywhere.

Tleilaxu (Dune) You may negotiate to return from the Warp some or all tokens of another player for one Spice/Lucre per token.

Tractor Beam (Dreadnought) Prevent a player from moving their dreadnought if it is in the same system as yours. Play when they attempt to move.

Ubiquitous You may ally on both sides of a challenge. Play when accepting invitations.

Warp Leak Free one token of each player from the Warp. Tokens return to bases. Play between challenges.

Water of Life (Dune) Expose the card currently under bid.

Weirding Way (Dune) Transforms your attack card into the same value as your opponent. Play as a main player.

Wild Card You may have this card be any card you want. The card must already exist.

Wild Zap Zap anything someone does. Cancel the effect of any one element. i.e. power, card, moon, hex.