Witch Curse Examples
The WARP Witch Curse Examples

Witch Curse Examples

In the Mayfair edition, The Witch is one of those powers that shouldn't be played unless you have a great grasp of the game, and even then you should reconsider. This is because the limits of the power are vague. Therefore, in an attempt to map out some parameters with which to use the Witch, I have compiled a list of sample curses from people that have successfully played with the Witch.

From samcraig@io.com

  • For the next two challenges all your 'tokens' selected must come from that outer base there (one token on that base).
  • Lucre spent goes to your opponent.
  • Lucre costs are doubled..
  • Lucre costs are tripled.
  • Lucre spent goes to ME!
  • Tokens must be returned 'there' (if a terrorist bomb is suspected).
  • Playing a compromise gives your opponent consolation from your hand (Can be a beneficial curse, too).
  • (Lloyd) All players may insure their assets via your 'power'; if they do, you must pay them one lucre for each asset they insure in this manner.
  • (Negator) Your target may use Negator to Negate your negation.
  • (Hurtz-two power games): The other players may rent your other power by paying you a price of his choosing; you cannot use your other power if he does so and it is discarded at the end of the turn with a new power taking its place, drawn at random.
  • (Warrior): your total is subtracted.
  • (Demon): if you demon another player's challenge, half his tokens go to where half your tokens came from, his choice.
  • (Bully): you lose the tokens your opponent lost in the challenge, but you chose from where.
  • (Dragon): Whenever another player spends lucre to the bank, you must pay the cost of one of the lucre he would have spent.
  • (Virus): divide the number of tokens you have in the challenge by the number on your card.
  • (Gorgon): any of your tokens that share a base with any of your tokens may not be removed except to go to the Warp.

    Beneficial "curses":
    Beneficial curses can be considered abuse since its supposed to hurt them, but they can be lots of fun at times.

  • (Entrepeneur): whenever you would gain lucre, gain that amount of tokens from the Warp instead (Entrepeneur may use lucre as tokens, so this is warping his power)
  • (Silencer): Your power affects as many targets as you wish.
  • (Obverse): timing is cards face up.
  • (Beserker): all challenge cards you play are treated as attack 15s
  • (Demon): Demon is during card reveal phase
  • (Warpish): Tokens in the Warp count for consolation
  • (Warpish): When allying, tokens in the Warp count as allies, but not for rewards.