Schizoid Win Conditions
The WARP Schizoid Win Conditions

Schizoid Win Conditions

If you've never played the Schizoid before, you may be wondering what kinds of win Conditions would be good. Or, if you have played it before, you may be looking from some new and interesting strategies. Presented below are some of the methods that have been used by various players.

From Derek and Josh Slater

  • X bases, and use your punt option.

    From Gerald Katz

  • X bases. Person on your left has X bases.
  • X bases. Amount of Lucre equals number of tokens in the warp
  • X bases. Must be on the Xth planet of the Xth person's system counting towards the left.
  • X bases. John has X bases. John has Schizoid power.
  • 3 bases and being a particular color (usually the color Schizoid starts with). Since the Schizoid flare is in the game, the condition can be achieved by any player.

    From Chuck Cochems

    Have at least 3 external bases, and an equal number of external bases in all systems.
    Have five external bases and lose your power.
    Have X bases and play a X card.
    Have x bases and an empty Warp (the Praw or Fan is not the warp)
    Have X bases and have X tokens in the Warp (only valid if possible, and certain powers are not in play)
    Have X bases and perform physical action Y (must be an action anyone can perform)
    Have X bases and perform x-rated action Y (only valid if no minors are present)
    Have X external bases in one system, and no external bases in any other system.
    Have X bases when another player has x+y bases. Barring strange powers, anyone can meet this condition. Example: have 3 or more bases when another player has five bases. Yes this can cause a shared win.
    Have X bases while using the Schizoid flare (guaranteed to be in the game, so it's valid)
    Have X bases and use a Super Flare (your super is guaranteed to be in)
    Have X bases and Y lucre (only in games with lucre)
    Win a challenge without allies when you have x bases.
    Lose a challenge when you have X bases
    Have X bases and lose a challenge while playing a kicker (the cards are all on the table so no history is involved)
    This is arguable, since unless this happens in the last challenge, it DOES require remembering past events.

    From Michael Wong

  • Have X or greater external bases, and one base on planet #5 in the system of the player to your left.
  • Have X or greater external bases, and one functioning power left.

    From Gregory George

  • 3 bases...all in the same system.

    From Jack Reda

  • X number of bases and equal number of moons.
  • X number of bases and no other players' tokens in your home system.
  • X number of bases and no cards in your hand.
  • X number of bases and sharing a base with every other player in the game.

    From Aaron Fuegi

  • In our group, we have big arguments over Schizoid. They basically always revolve over the interactions of Schizoid and other powers. For example, if you are Symbiote/Schizoid, setting the extra condition to "having at least 30 tokens in the game". Well, I guess this one is a bit questionable since everyone can't necessarily meet it. The real example case is the following:

    Matt had the Sentinel/Schizoid. Sentinel allows him to at the start of each turn place a special token around a planet or moon in the system of the player whose turn it is - thus these tokens can theoretically be placed anywhere. His condition was "Have a Sentinel token around the center base in your system." Since he controlled Sentinel, this condition was never going to happen for other players as he would not place Sentinels on other players' center planets. However, it was theoretically possible.

    My proposed solution to things like this was the following. The extra condition can only relate to those things which are Guaranteed to be in every game (thus since given powers, moons, flares only appear in certain games, they can't in any way be referenced). We have still not really decided how to handle this, though, and for the most part agreed to just get rid of Schizoid. The Wild is in many ways just as bad, particularly in Eon where it can be used multiple times.

    Discussion about Schizoid from Mark Amidon

    The Schizoid is one of my favorite powers (much to the consternation of everyone else). House rules are not necessary to your situation, as the Power Card plainly states that the winning conditions must be obvious to everyone as they happen. So unless the Aura is in the game, conditions about cards are generally not obvious; e.g., if the conditions are "have 3 external bases and 2 Edicts in your hand", this is INVALID.
    However, the winning conditions can be as whacko as the general restrictions allow. For another example, if everyone playing wears glasses, the winning conditions can be "have two external bases and remove your glasses".


    "Have 12 tokens in the Warp and tie your shoes". The number of external bases must be one of the two conditions.

    "Have 3 external bases and have asked the Schizoid two questions". This requires remembering an historic event.

    "Have 4 external bases and ooze completely out of a challenge". Only the Amoeba can fulfill the latter condition, and everyone must have the chance of winning. However, if both Amoeba and Changeling are in the game...

    "Have 2 external bases and think evil thoughts about the Schizoid". NOT OBVIOUS AS IT HAPPENS, no matter how probable.

    "Have 4 external bases and no more than 2 home bases". The Schizoid cannot meet this winning condition and keep their power, thus violating the "everybody has to be able to meet the conditions" condition.


    "Have 1 external base and say something in French".

    "Have 2 external bases and know the winning conditions". Despite vehement protests, this is valid, as everyone asks yes-or-no questions of the Schizoid, and there are also several powers which allow for direct reading of them. It can get ugly, but it is valid. As the condition must be obvious as it happens, the conditions must have passed hands or be explicitly stated as the yes-or-no question (though an argument could be made for this being "historic knowledge").

    "Have 5 external bases and Zap the Schizoid". This is the default winning condition for any tougher conditions.

    "Have 1 external base and be the Changeling". Valid only when the Changeling is in the game, obviously.

    Remember, if you have the number of external bases be greater than 5, the default winning conditions generally become 5-&-Zap.