The WARP Non-Expansion Edicts

Non-Expansion Edicts

The following is a list of Edicts that do not require any specific expansion (i.e. Lucre, Moons, Asteroids, etc.)

Abort Remove your tokens from the challenge. They return to bases. Play before cards are revealed.

Aggressor Attack a player instead of a system. Point the cone to any base of the player whose color was revealed by the Destiny Pile. That player is the defensive player regardless of where you challenge. Play on your challenge after the Destiny Pile is flipped.

Anarchy Take all the tokens from two planets in your system and mix them together. Then repopulate the planets randomly useing the same tokens in the same ration. Play between challenges.

Back Zap Cause the player of a cosmic zap to be zapped as well.

Banishment Suggest the removal of one power (anybody's) from the game. All players vote on it. If yes, the power is discarded. Otherwise, play continues. Play at the beginning of your turn.

Black Plague Force a player to discard 2 of each card, 6 Lucre and 4 tokens.

Breach Cancel a successful deal. The players involved must lose tokens as if they had failed to make a deal.

Civil War All players challenge each other on one planet that they share a base. No alliances. In case of a tie, all players involved lose. Play between challenges.

Coffee Time Play is suspended while the recipient of this card makes refreshments for all players. Usually limited to beverages, this may extend to making sandwiches, going out for munchies or whatever. The recipient is not obliged to pay for anyone else's stuff, except for reasonable supplies from the host. Play between turns.

Communion Any or all players may use the power(s) of any or all other players in a challenge. Players use their own powers first in conflicts.

Conscientious Objector One player's tokens do not count towards the total in a challenge. They still gain rewards. Play after cards are played.

Cosmic Gas No rewards may be earned this challenge. Play after challenge is resolved.

Cosmic Zap Stop one player from using his power for the duration of the challenge.

Coup D' Etat Switch powers of any two players permanently. Play between challenges.

Destiny Zap Cancel the flip of the Destiny Pile and flip again.

Edict Zap Nullify the effect of any edict, just as a player attempts to play it. The edict must be discarded. Play at any time.

Emotion Control Change both challenge cards played into compromises. Players must now make a deal. Play after cards are revealed.

Finder Name a specific card in a players hand and search for it. If you find it you may keep it. Play at any time.

Flare Saver You need not discard any one Flare that you play. You may keep it to play in another challenge, even if it was zapped.

Flare Zap Nullify the effect of any flare. The flare is then discarded Play at any time.

Force Field Nullify any or all alliances. Tokens return to bases. Play before cards are played.

Grid Lock Mobius Tubes or Warp break is nullified. Play after one of those cards are played.

Hand Zap Force any player to discard his hand just as he attempts to use it.

Insanity All players must use EVERYTHING they can during this challenge: all powers, edicts, flares, moons, etc. You are not required to zap your own action. Play at start of challenge.

Juxtapose Bring an equal number of tokens into a challenge. They count towards the win but are not at risk. These token must go to the newly established base or defending base if a main player.

Keeper When discarding your hand, you need not discard any non-challenge cards (except this one). Play when drawing new hand.

Kicker Zap Nullify the effect of any kicker. The kicker must be discarded. Play at any time.

Mobius Tubes Free all tokens from either the warp or the Praw. Play at the start of your challenge.

Nebula No powers may be used this challenge. Play when the destiny pile is flipped.

Phoenix Regain all home bases. Play after losing a base in a home system.

Plague Force a player to lose three tokens, 1 lucre and one of each kind of card (Including attack, compromise, kicker, reinforcement, flare, edict, prisoner ruling, safety, etc including any future additions to the deck!) Play at any time.

Process Take the hands of all players and separate the cards into challenge cards and non challenge cards. Shuffle each stack and distribute to all players one stack at a time starting with yourself. Play between challenges.

Reality Check You may benefit from the effect of any Super Flare you hold instead of the Wild unless the Super Flare is power specific.

Rebirth Regain a base in your home system. Play at any time.

Redeal All players discard their hands. Deck and discard pile are shuffled, except for this edict which is left out. Players are dealt new hands as if it were the start of the game. Note that this deal is not extortable. May only be played at the start of your turn.

Repeater Copy edict last played. Play after an edict is played. This edict behaves exactly like the last edict.

Rerun Make a challenge in the system you just challenged. Play after making a challenge.

Round Zap Cosmic Zap a power of the player to your right, then hand them this card. They must play it immediately. Once all players have played this card, it is discarded. An unzap only effects the last usage. Play at any time.

Sanity No side cases. No powers, cards (other than challenge cards) or other modifiers may be played this challenge. Play at the start of a challenge.

Solar Wind Flip the cone. Play after destiny card is revealed.

Space Junk You may take the top card from the discard pile. Play at any time.

Stellar Gas No consolation may be drawn this challenge. Play after challenge is resolved.

Summit No tokens are lost as the result of the outcome of a challenge. Play after challenge is resolved.

Super Nova Your system star explodes. All of your planets and moons are permanently destroyed. All tokens in your system go to the warp. Play at the start of your turn when you have fewer than three bases.

Super Saver If a Flare gets discarded that is of your power, you may take it and put it in your hand.

Super Zap Remove a player from the game for one turn. This player may take no action and may not be involved in a challenge. This player's system cannot be attacked in any way. Re-flip the destiny pile if necessary.

Time Gash Make a challenge anywhere. After challenge, normal play resumes. Play between challenges.

Time Pressure Speed up a deal. Players have ten seconds to make a deal. Play when the deal begins.

Time Rift All players challenge the player to their left. No Destiny is flipped. All powers as possible are available. The Will may still attack anyone anywhere.

Ubiquitous You may ally on both sides of a challenge. Play when accepting invitations.

Un Zap Nullify any zap. Play at any time.

Victory Boon Reward defensive player as though he were a defensive ally. Play after challenge is resolved.

Warp Break Free all the tokens of ONE player from either the warp or the Praw. Play at the start of your challenge.

Warp Leak Free one token of each player from the warp. Tokens return to bases. Play between challenges.

Wild Card You may have this card be any card you want. The card must already exist.

Wild Zap Zap anything someone does. Cancel the effect of any one element. i.e. power, card, moon, hex.