Event Cards
The WARP Event Cards

Event Cards

I was first introduced to the concept of Hazards by Jack Reda. His take on it was that a player would draw one of these mostly-negative cards when they wanted to take a second challenge. Some reminded me of Comets and I started thinking about the distinction between Comets, Hazards, and Special Destiny.

Event cards (see below)

My vision is to either have the Event deck seperate from Destiny or to shuffle them into the Destiny along with Comets, etc.

Event cards cause things, mostly negative, to happen to the player who draws them, much like an Edict. In fact, I also added two new Edicts (see the end).

Data Leak: Each player draws one card randomly from your hand. You decide the order of drawing. If you have no challenge cards remaining, your turn ends.

Security Breach: Place your cards face-up on the table for all players to see. This event stays in effect until you have to play a challenge card.

Plague: Treat as if a Plague Edict had been played on you.

Pandemic: Send to the Warp one ship from each base with 2 or more tokens.

Exodus: Send all the tokens from one base of your choice to other bases.

Overpopulation: From each of your bases with 5 or more tokens, send half (round down) to the Warp.

Purge: Discard your hand and draw a new hand of 7 cards. You may proceed with your challenge normally.

Power Outage: You lose the use of your power for the remainder of your turn.

Engine Failure: Your turn ends immediately. Play passes to the next player.

Foreign Aid: Receive one card from each player (their choice).

Upkeep: Pay to the bank one lucre for each of your bases, both foreign and in your home system.

Ghost Money: Pay to the bank one lucre for each of your tokens in the Warp.

Economic Aid: Give each player one of your lucre. If you do not have enough lucre, give what you can.

Jumping the Gun: Play a challenge card now, before drawing destiny.

Sunspots: Discard all your Edicts and Flares.

Universal Event: Draw an unused Event card. Every player, starting with yourself and going clockwise, is affected by the Event.

Rummage: Look through the discard pile and take any card.

Regeneration: Take one of your tokens from the Warp and place it on a colony. Do this once for each colony. No colony can get more than one token.

Spring Cleaning: You may discard any number of cards from your hand. If you have no encounter cards remaining, your turn ends.

Mutation: Draw an unused power. If it is a setup power, draw again. You have the use of this power for the remainder of the challenge.

New Edicts

Event Zap: Cancel the effect of any one Event card.

Redirect: Apply the effects of an Event or Edict directed at you to another player. You are not affected by the Event or Edict.

Expansion by Patrick Riley

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