Eon Edicts
The WARP Eon Edicts


Eon Edicts

The following Edicts are part of the Eon CE set. It may be used as a reference for the MESMER power.

From the basic deck:

Cosmic Zap (2): Stop power of any one player just as he attempts to use it. He may not use his power during the remainder of that challenge.

Emotion Control (1): Alter attack cards played during this challenge into compromise cards. Challenging player must try to make a deal. PLay after challenge cards are reveale.

Force Field (1): Stop alliances of any or all players. Stopped allies return to their bases. PLay before challenge cards are revealed.

Mobius Tubes (2): Free all tokens. All players return their tokens from space warp to their bases. Play at the start of your challenge.

Stellar Gas (1): No consolation may be drawn this challenge. Play after challenge is resolved.

The Plague (1): Demand loss by any one player of 3 tokens from bases to warp, 1 attacj card, 1 compromise card and 1 edict from hand to discard pile. Play at any time.

From Set #3:

Rebirth (1): Regain home base. One player may place 1 or more tokens, from bases, onlto any 1 planet in his own planet system. Play on any player, just before a challenge begins.

Time Gash (1): Play is suspended. Make a challenge now, as if starting your turn. Upon conclusion, play resumes as before. Play on any player just before a challenge begins.

Victory Boon (1): Reward defender. Winning defensive player eaarns rewards as if he were a defensive ally. Play after challenge outcome is determined.

From Set #8:

Finder (1): Name a specific card and look for it in another player's hand. If you see it take it. Play is suspeneded while you look. Play at any time.

Flare Zap (1): Stop a flare from taking effect just as a player attempts to use it. That flare must be discarded.

Keeper (1): Keep all flares, kickers and other edicts and draw a new seven card hand. Play when you are out of challenge cards and must get a new hand.

Sanity (1): Stop side-cases. All players must play this challenge without using flares, moons, other edicts, or multiple powers. PLay at the start of a challenge.

Un Zap (1): Nullify any zap. Sto the effect of a cosmic zap or a flarezap . Play just as that cosmic zap or flarezap is played.

Warp Break (1): Free your tokens from the warp. Play at the start of your challenge.

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