The WARP Dictator


Optional usage of the Dictator Power.

Dictator controls the destiny deck (destiny pile for you Eon/WEG folks). When the offensive player should draw from the destiny deck, Dictator instead selects any card from the destiny deck. This prevents abuse by selecting the same color over and over (deadly if Dictator is also Disease, or if Assassin is in the game). If Dictator is cosmic zapped, the destiny deck is shuffled and the offensive player draws normally. The destiny deck is not an artifact like Miser's hoard or Terrorist's bomb list; Dictator does not actually own the deck, just controls it.

Will still ignores the color, but Dictator still has the opportunity to unload a specific color as well as play any special dentiny cards. Will uses the normal or reverse cone as dictated by the destiny card selected by Dictator.

Reworked by Patrick Riley