Cosmic Incursion Artifacts

The following is a list of the artifacts contained in Cosmic Incursion, the Fantasy Flight Games first expansion for Cosmic Encounter. These artifacts are found in the Reward Deck.

Card Zap - Negates Cards. Play this card at any time to negate a flare or artifact card just as a player attempts to use it. The flare or artifact must then be discarded. (1)

Cosmic Zap - Stops Power. Play this card at any time to cancel one use of any alien's power, including your own. That power may not be used again during the current encounter. (1)

Finder - Search for Card. Play this card at any time. Choose another player and name a specific card, such as "Attack 40", "Clone flare", or "Plague". Look at the chosen player's hand. If the named card is in his or her hand, you may take it. (1)

Hand Zap - Draw New Hand. Play at the start of any encounter and choose a player (even yourself). That player discards his or her entire hand and draws a new hand of eight cards. No cards may be played in response to this card except cards that cancel its effect. (1)

Space Junk - Take Top Discard. Play this card at any time. Choose any player (even yourself). That player takes the top card of the discard pile and adds it to his or her hand. When several cards go into the discard pile at the same time, you may select any one of them for the targeted player to take. (1)

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