Cosmic Dune Edicts

The Edicts listed are part of the Cosmic Dune variant for CE.

CHOAM Boon (Dune) Collect 5 spice from every player. Play between challenges.

Family Atomics (Dune) Both main players lose their tokens to the Warp. Play before allies are invited.

Ghola (Dune) When another player removes tokens from the warp, you may remove an equal number of your own.

Gom Jabbar (Dune) Send one token from anywhere to the Warp. Play at any time.

Hunter Seeker (Dune) Send one of your opponents tokens to the Warp. Play as a main player before cards are revealed.

Kwisatz Haderach (Dune) One token in a challenge is worth 15 (for calculating totals only).This token may not be enhanced. Play any time before cards are revealed.

Landsraad (Dune) Draw a random power from those not in use and add it to your own for one challenge.

Lasgun (Dune) Remove all allies from one side. Their tokens go to the Warp. Play before cards are revealed.

Mentat Dune) As an ally you may look at the opposing main player's challenge cards before any are played, and advise your ally without naming any specific cards.

Shai Hulud (Dune) If you win as the main player collect half the lucre (rounding up) of the losing player.

Sheild (Dune) Nullify any edict or wild flare played against you.

Still Suit (Dune) Retain one token when you must lose more than one to the Warp. You choose which token to keep. Play after you must lose tokens.

Thumper (Dune) Cause the offensive player to reposition the cone. Play before cards are revealed.

Tleilaxu (Dune) You may negotiate to return from the Warp some or all tokens of another player for one Spice/Lucre per token.

Water of Life (Dune) Expose the card currently under bid.

Weirding Way (Dune) Transforms your attack card into the same value as your opponent. Play as a main player.

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