Cosmic Dominion Artifacts

The following is a list of the artifacts contained in Cosmic Dominion, the Fantasy Flight Games fifth expansion for Cosmic Encounter. These artifacts are found in the Reward Deck.

Omni-Zap - Zaps Anything. Play at any time to copy the effect of any other Zap artifact you name, or to cancel and discard any one card that was just played or revealed. If the encounter or an alien power is now unplayable (e.g., by zapping a destiny, encounter, claw, or schizoid card) then an appropriate replacement is drawn or played (drawing a new hand if ncessary). After use, remove one of your ships from the game or send three of your ships to the warp.(1)

Rebirth - Regains Home Colonies. Play at the start of any encounter and choose a player (even yourself). That player may place one or more of his or her ships, from his or her colonies, onto any planet(s) in his or her home system. (1)

Ship Zap - Sends Ship to Warp. Play at any time. Send to the warp any one ship from anywhere in play, or one that has been removed from the game. (If you remove the offense's last ship from the hyperspace gate, the offense continues with zero ships.) (1)

Solar Wind - Reverses Rewards. Play after encounter cards are revealed. Gains for allies are reversed: defensive allies land on the targeted planet if their side wins, while offensive allies receive rewards if their side wins. (If gains were already reversed, they revert to normal instead.) (1)

Victory Boon - Rewards Defender. Play after the defense wins an encounter. The defense receives rewards equal to the number of his or her ships in the encounter.(1)

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