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QUASAR [B:GK:Pu] Uses Pulsar Cards Gerald Katz (Pulsars)

You have the power to pulse. At game set-up, collect all Pulsar Cards of other players' powers and place them on this power card. Between each challenge, you may have a Pulsar Card face up to show it's activated for your benefit or face down to have it not be activated for the challenge. Do this for each Pulsar Card, and they need not all be face up or down. Other players can play Pulsar Zap cards as Cosmic Zaps for this power.

History: Borne from a fluctuating star, the Quasars radiate electromagnetic fluxes in highs and lows. These waves cause an imbalance in the equilibrium of all other life forms, weakening their physical statures. Soon they will melt away into nothingness.

Restriction: Use only in a game with Pulsars.

Notes: The recommended experience level for this power is Expert. This is a Meta type power.

Wild1: If a Flare or Pulsar card of your power gets discarded, you may take it and put it in your hand.

Super1: You may take the Pulsar Card(s) of your power(s) from the discard pile and put them in your hand.

Pro: Once per challenge you may use one Pulsar Card as a Cosmic Zap for that power when face up. You keep the card.

Con: Quasar must place the Pulsar Card(s) of your power(s) face down.

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