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You have the Power to Prey
As a main player, before encounter cards are selected, you may use this power to force your opponent to discard as many cards in his or her hand as you have ships in the encounter. If, after using this power, your opponent is left with no encounter cards in his or her hand, they must continue the encounter without playing an encounter card (playing no encounter card is equal to playing an attack 00 card). If your opponent was left with no encounter cards, after the encounter is resolved, your opponent discards his or her remaining cards, if any, and draws a new hand.


The Warp Alien Power database has over 2000 entries you can look through, including every offically printed alien (search by author, origin, expansion, variant, and more). Just click on "Homebrew of the Day" to access the Amazing Alien Database. If you play Cosmic Encounter long enough, you eventually find yourself in The Warp.

Normally, you wouldn't find this many zombies in the warp...

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