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You have the Power of Embassies
As the offense, after aiming the hyperspace gate, you may use this power to establish a colony on the targeted planet. To do so, discard from your hand a number of negotiate cards that exceeds the number of colonies already on that planet. Your ships in the gate land on the planet (coexisting with any other ships there), the encounter ends, and this counts as a successful deal for both players. If at any time the total number of all other players' colonies in your home system equals or exceeds the number of foreign colonies needed to win the game, you immediately win the game. You do not lose this power because of having too few home colonies, and you may still win the game via the normal method.


The Warp Alien Power database has over 2000 entries you can look through, including every offically printed alien (search by author, origin, expansion, variant, and more). Just click on "Homebrew of the Day" to access the Amazing Alien Database. If you play Cosmic Encounter long enough, you eventually find yourself in The Warp.

Normally, you wouldn't find this many zombies in the warp...

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