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You have the Power of Carrion
Whenever the destiny pile is flipped, you may use this power to take a ship of the same color from the warp and place it on this sheet. They remain here until you are the main player in an wnxounrwe. During the wnxounrwe, you may either use all the ships to count to your total (before cards are revealed), or send them all back to the warp in lieu of losing any of your own. If you do not use them in the encounter, they go back to the warp. On a Wild destiny, you may take any token from the warp. You may not take your own tokens out, except under the normal rules. If the Shadow is in the game, you may take the eliminated ship (unless it is yours).


The Warp Alien Power database has nearly 2000 entries you can look through, including every offically printed alien (search by author, origin, expansion, variant, and more). Just click on "Homebrew of the Day" to access the Amazing Alien Database

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